Well, we’ve been a bit slow to get started here. Basically this will be a blog which will be aimed at folks who are somewhat technical, but maybe not quite up to the level of being a techie. Do your non technical friends think you are a computer genius while you geek friends are not impressed with your skills? Do people ask you to fix your computer but you usually end up sort of guessing (and getting it right) on how to do it?

We will also focus on iPod and MP3 related issues, Open Source/free software, web culture, explaining (what the heck is) Web 2.o and just general cool/interesting/ridiculous/useful/fun things found on the web.

Hope you enjoy your time here!


One response to “About

  • Jon


    I hope you get this.

    I read your post over at lifehacker a while ago (maybe November?) about supporting depositions re speeding tickets in NY. I never got mine (despite a request within 48 hours) and thus I have grounds for dismissal. I am about to write the judge and I was wondering if you’d be willing to look over my letter, just to see if it makes sense to someone else who knows what’s going on.


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