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Online Etch a Sketch

Here you go, draw some stairs.


Track your favorite arists’ new CD releases with

newrss.jpgHave a need or desire to keep up with your favorite artist’s latest releases? Check our this slick service. takes the names of your favorite bands and creates an RSS feed that lets you see when the artists you are interested in release a new CD. Currently you can add artists to your custom feed, but not delete them. No problem, just make a new one. This tracks releases on so if yer’ faves are not on there, you might have a little trouble. I love it because as soon as I see an artist appear on there, I know I can go right to to Amazon and buy it if I like. Enjoy!

Yahoo mail notification

ymail-notifier.jpg(Yahoo! Mail users only.)This is a great extension for FireFox I always install on any computer I have. It is called YMail and is by Terry Yuen. It creates a small icon at the bottom of your browser which shows you if you have a new email.

*You can see how many emails you have, you can set the frequency it checks automatically as well as check on demand.

*The visual notification settings are easily altered, I turn mine off sometimes when I am doing an online demo so viewers aren’t distracted by it.

*You can use it to go straight to your inbox.

Check out the author’s other projects at this site.

The little Green Linux that could

Yeah–I know, this not not quite the proper use of Linux but its got a ring to it. As you may have seen, Wal Mart sold right out of them and techno-pundits across the interblog are exclaiming their pleasant surprise.

Anyway, I have been promised to review gOS and I will. I have been playing with it a bit more. I do have to say that while I know it is meant to be sort of locked down for ease of use to the technology challenged, I still am having some trouble adding applications. Time will pass and soon, some of those folks will start to be able to do a few things on there new “picture box”. I wish there was a “beginner”, intermediate” and “advanced” switch. More to come, hopefully with screenshots.

Download different software for free everyday

green-download-icon.jpgGiveaway of the Day features a free download of software that is normally not freeware. Every 24 hours they feature a new software title and you have 24 hours to download and install that software for free. It is obviously what they are doing here. The software vendors are offering a digital “free sample” of their product to get the word out. Giveaway of the Day is using that to get the traffic and presumably, ad revenue. No problem with that, we get free software!

Free Anti-Spyware software from the makers of Zone Alarm

free-antispyware-download-from-the-makers-of-zone-alarm.jpgCheck Point Software is offering a free download and install of its basic version of ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware. You may recognize the ZoneAlarm brand from their award winning and industry leading Firewall application. I used to sell security software and I didn’t want to compete against them because they make a good product.

Go to this website to get a download link. You must do so before 5pm PST (8pm EST) on November 14th, although the link you get will be good for a week. This product includes both a spyware “finder” and “remover”, and you get free updates for a year.

This is their entry-level product, if you want more features you need to break out some cash. This can be good even if you already think you are pretty well protected by your own software. Spyware is a sneaky little vixen and no product finds all of it all of the time.

Great article on finding help with your troubled electronics

Wow. I have been trying to figure out exactly which part of this article I want to write about. I finally decided it is so good that honestly I think the best thing to do is just post the link for the article and tell you to read it yourself. So here it is:

Hopefully, I can post about a few different things in that article in the future in more detail. I have been wanting to replace the battery on an old iPod anyway so maybe I will try that.