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No post for you!

Had to bail a friend out of jail at 5am this morning. Nothing serious, just being drunk and dumb.



NaBloPoMo! Wait…wha?!?!

The name is weird, the idea isn’t that weird. It stands for National Blog Posting Month and the epicenter of the whole shebang is over here. Basically you sign up at that page and promise to post at least once a day for the entire month of November. I tried last year with a similar concept but I didn’t quite make it.

So I will be posting each day this month, please stop by, read my posts hopefully make a comment or two! Thanks!

NaBloPoMo Lolcat

New addition to the family

Sorry if I seem bleary eyed and tired. We just got a puppy. Luckily she slept until 6:15 this morning. Seriously, it is like having a dog child model in the house. She looks exactly like the baby Goldens you see on greeting cards and stuff like that. This is when her new mommy picked her up.

Life Happens…

Okay, I am really pushing this half hearted posting thing. Tonight is the 2 year anniversary of my GF and I getting together. Soon I will tell you why Pep Boys sucks, how ignoring a slow-to-start car is a bad idea and why you shouldn’t forget to go to your work’s Christmas party. I gotta go check the scallops and shrimp, catcha’ latah’!

HoliSalies? No, HoliDailies!

You’d think I could at least spell the title right. For those of you who didn’t see the misspelling before it was fixed, ignore the writing in this post and enjoy this picture:

Holidailies at Home!

In order to try and get some traffic to my blog, I have registered over at Holidailies. Apparently, it is sort of a link exchange site where everyone who registers promises to post to their blog at least once a day for the whole month of December. Obviously we are already in December but the dead-line for the Holidailies at Home portion is today so I took advantage of the loophole. Hopefully I will be able to meet my commitment, Christmas may be tough! Check it out below!

Welcome to our world!

Well, we’ve been a bit slow to get started here. Basically this will be a blog which will be aimed at folks who are somewhat technical, but maybe not quite up to the level of being a techie. Do your non technical friends think you are a computer genius while you geek friends are not impressed with your skills? Do people ask you to fix your computer but you usually end up sort of guessing (and getting it right) on how to do it?

We will also focus on iPod and MP3 related issues, Open Source/free software, web culture, explaining (what the heck is) Web 2.o and just general cool/interesting/ridiculous/useful/fun things found on the web.

Hope you enjoy your time here!