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Comcast is listening.

It is true–well, I am pretty sure it is technically true. I looked at the stats from this blog over the weekend and found a pretty unusual link. I followed it and was taken to this page. To me, it looks like someone is using this service. The URL that came into this blog seems to contain search terms like, “Comcast, Threat, Tracking, bandwidth, bandwith, (sic) bittorrent, bit torrent, downloadcap, trafficshaping.”

Either Comcast or someone who needs to research Comcast has subscribed to a service which aggregates the content of blogs to see what people have written about those search terms I listed above.

My bet it is Comcast themselves, but if so, why are they so interested? Do they just want to have their digital fingers on the pulse of the interblog? Once they find what they are looking for, what do they plan on doing?

Update: I thought this story would have more to it, but so far I have not seen anything else about it.


Comcast insider goes too public?

Comcast has been in the news because of allegedly partnering with a company called Sandvine to disrupt Comcast’s customers use of BitTorrent downloads. Comcast has denied this and denied working with Sandvine. An internal Comcast memo has since surfaced that is alleged to show that Comcast does indeed have a contract with Sandvine, but it does not say what the contract requires Sandvine to do.

Someone claiming to be that insider started a blog and promised to continue to expose the seedier side of the cable-internet giant. So he or she said: “… I am just trying to help spread the truth about how screwed up Comcast is and I am sure we all know this.”

Evil version of the Comcast logo

The problem is, when that person registered their website, they did not choose to have the registration information private. A simple web search shows the name and address of a person, apparently the person who was writing this “anonymous” blog. Have you ever seen a small news story and wondered if it was the pre-cursor of something bigger?

The site is down at the moment but the URL is below regardless.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Ted Dziuba is my new hero! This guy knows his stuff, doesn’t kiss anyone’s ass, is a Google alum and is still only 23. He’s a no-nonsense blogger who calls out all the Silicon Valley and Web 2.0 BS. Read the article on him in Wired and then check out his blog, Uncov.