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Great article on finding help with your troubled electronics

Wow. I have been trying to figure out exactly which part of this article I want to write about. I finally decided it is so good that honestly I think the best thing to do is just post the link for the article and tell you to read it yourself. So here it is:

Hopefully, I can post about a few different things in that article in the future in more detail. I have been wanting to replace the battery on an old iPod anyway so maybe I will try that.


iTunes Library Updater

I organize my MP3s on my hard drive, in each folder. Some people organize them using iTunes. That just doesn’t work for me. So if I add MP3s to a folder, I have to manually select those files to add them to iTunes, then make sure they are in the right playlists. Yeah–I should do more with genre or tags, but I don’t. Wouldn’t it be nice if once you added a folder in iTunes, it kept track of what MP3s you added or deleted from that folder so it automatically updated your iPod as well?

Now you can do that. Simply download and install the iTunes Library Updater. It will automatically sync folders in your hard drive with iTunes and thus your iPod. It does require Microsoft .NET.

(Update: The iTunes Library Update link is down at the moment. I will post a new one if it comes along.)

This software is apparently developed by a broke college student, so make sure you support him!