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Celebrities everywhere!

So about the time of last season’s Lost season finale, I was in a local supermarket and saw a guy who looked ALOT like John Locke from Lost. He saw me looking at him and looked at me a little funny. I thought it was funny but didn’t think much of it after that. I didn’t think it was John Locke, but I jokingly wondered if it was his brother or something. I promptly forgot about it minutes later. About a week later, I was talking to a colleague at work whose son works for a local resort. Earlier in the week, the son was working at the resort and delivered room service to a room and on TV was the season finale of Lost. The guy who answered the door was…yep, the actor who plays John Locke. He was in town and I ran into him at the grocery store and never realized it at the time.

Yesterday I was waiting at a stop light and saw a car ahead of me and there was a guy hanging his arm out the passenger side window, smoking a cigarette. I must have passed the car not realizing it. A moment or two later, the car passed by me again and I was face to face with the passenger. I clearly recognized him this time and was shocked! The car edged past me and I couldn’t see his face anymore but I could still see his arm hanging out the window. My window was open so I yelled “YO <insert name here>” In true fashion of what I expect his personality to be, he put his hand in the Hawaiian “hang loose” symbol and waved it a little at me. I was stoked! This guy is awesome and I love his work. He lives by his own rules and has made millions. He is one of the people I admire most but would not want to have his life. Here’s the picture I took.

Yep, that is the arm of Steven Glover, AKA Steve-O from Jackass fame. I know you can’t tell it is him, but take my word for it. It’s him. I didn’t jump out and embarrass myself or him. Besides, what would I have done when I got to the window? I do sort of regret not finding out if he was doing any appearances in town but it was cool to see him. Gotta’ love Palm Beach.