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Go Right to the Site You want with Firefox

Did you know that Firefox is smarter than IE? Maybe it just makes more assumptions and those assumptions are usually right. If you want to go to a fairly common site, enter just the name of that site like “digg” or “cnn” and hit enter. FireFox will go to digg.com and cnn.com respectively. Does it just add “.com” to the word you enter? Probably not because “ford” takes me to ford.com while both “ford trucks” and ford cars” takes me to fordvehicles.com. “Internal” takes me to irs.gov, while “iteral” takes me to a Google search for the word. Looks like you are better off sticking to most common sites but this can save a few keystrokes.


Online Etch a Sketch

Here you go, draw some stairs.

Yahoo mail notification

ymail-notifier.jpg(Yahoo! Mail users only.)This is a great extension for FireFox I always install on any computer I have. It is called YMail and is by Terry Yuen. It creates a small icon at the bottom of your browser which shows you if you have a new email.

*You can see how many emails you have, you can set the frequency it checks automatically as well as check on demand.

*The visual notification settings are easily altered, I turn mine off sometimes when I am doing an online demo so viewers aren’t distracted by it.

*You can use it to go straight to your inbox.

Check out the author’s other projects at this site.