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The little Green Linux that could

Yeah–I know, this not not quite the proper use of Linux but its got a ring to it. As you may have seen, Wal Mart sold right out of them and techno-pundits across the interblog are exclaiming their pleasant surprise.

Anyway, I have been promised to review gOS and I will. I have been playing with it a bit more. I do have to say that while I know it is meant to be sort of locked down for ease of use to the technology challenged, I still am having some trouble adding applications. Time will pass and soon, some of those folks will start to be able to do a few things on there new “picture box”. I wish there was a “beginner”, intermediate” and “advanced” switch. More to come, hopefully with screenshots.



gOS Screenshot

So I downloaded the ISO for the newest Linux distribution to hit the scene. It is called gOS and Wal-Mart is selling a $200 computer with this instead of Windows which would cost about $100 more. The OS is really a modified version Ubuntu. I only played with it for a little while but it doesn’t seem too bad. It did not immediately recognize my wireless connection and I had trouble finding a wireless utility. I will give a more involved review but I can tell you that it is going to take a change of mindset. This is an OS designed for grandma to have a computer just to get on the internet, email kids and see pictures. It is buttoned down pretty good to prevent things from getting screwed up. Of course the first thing I wanted to do was start hacking around, changing things. I will have to get into character of a computer barely-literate user in order to see what I think. Watch this space!

AOL Radio uses Linux

Maybe not that unusual but you can see that AOL uses Linux for at least some of it’s AOL Radio hosting. See the little Tux icon? (Click the image for a larger version.)


Look for a review of the AOL Radio service coming soon.

Gutsy Gibbon is here!

The latest version of Ubuntu Linux was released today. It promises a more of the same–it just works! I have read reports of DVD viewing not being the easiest thing right from install, but apparently movies, MP3s and even iPod integration are functional right out of the box. They have also enabled CompizFusion by default which allows you to have a 3D navigation of your desktop.

I will be taking a look at Ubuntu, Xubuntu and maybe Kubuntu with in order to give you a review and share my thoughts. (Work has been crazy, but I will get to it as soon as I am able.)

What’s new

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Find the Linux Equivalent of your favorite Windows Program


Are you just starting with Linux and looking for that killer app you knew so well in Windows? This great site give you a list of popular Windows programs and their Linux equivalents. Nvu is a great web page builder. I like Open Office, (and use it on my Windows box at home) but have to admit that I find Microsoft Office nice to look at. I have just started trying to use Inkscape and find it a bit easier to use than Illustrator which it replaces.

I have just started playing with Linux again with various flavors of Ubuntu and find lists like this very helpful. More info on my Linux journey later…

The Linux Equivalent Project: http://www.linuxeq.com/